Bridgewater, MA(Hexa PR Wire–August 25, 2023)–Teresa Cruz Foley, widely known as “Tess”, founder of Brave Space Consulting, announced the launch of her book “Mindfully Inclusive”. The curriculum is designed to holistically integrate social-emotional learning with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) concepts, offering a unique and comprehensive educational experience.

About the Book

Mindfully Inclusive by Teresa Cruz Foley
Mindfully Inclusive by Teresa Cruz Foley

The book is a culmination of 24 evidence-based lesson plans, aimed at imparting resilience, collaboration skills, and a deep understanding of one’s influences, identity, and privilege. The content is versatile, allowing for customization to fit different schedules and age groups. It encourages interactive learning through engaging activities, group discussions, and journaling, ensuring an enriching and enjoyable experience.

Trauma-Informed Approach: The curriculum seamlessly integrates social-emotional learning, helping students develop essential skills such as empathy, self-awareness, and conflict resolution. These skills form the foundation for understanding and embracing diversity and inclusion.

Versatile Content: “Mindfully Inclusive” incorporates a wide range of age-appropriate materials and activities customizable to fit into any schedule. Each lesson component can be stand-alone or taught all together.

Interactive Learning: The curriculum engages students through interactive activities, group discussions, games, and journal prompts, making the learning process both meaningful and enjoyable.

Accessible Format: “Mindfully Inclusive” is designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind, allowing teachers to easily and effectively communicate concepts.

Educator Support: To facilitate effective implementation, the curriculum includes guidance and resources for educators, empowering them to create a more inclusive classroom environment.


About the Author

Teresa Cruz Foley
Teresa Cruz Foley

Tess is a revered figure in the DEI sector, known for integrating mindfulness practices into the DEI programs of Brave Space Consulting. Her strong background in behavior analysis has led her to believe in the transformative power of feeling better to act better.

Accolades and Community Feedback

“Mindfully Inclusive” has been listed as a new release in three categories: Elementary Education, Multicultural Education, and Curricula.

Several professionals have provided feedback on the curriculum.
Mimi Rich, a Child and Family therapist, commented “I wish every child, parent, and teacher had access to this wonderful resource! So needed.” Kristie Dean from The Soul Project said “A beautifully woven curriculum to reshape how our children think and react in the face of adversity. Each lesson offers easy strategies to help students with self and social awareness, decision-making, and resilience. But most of all, it teaches how to be an includer.” Tanya Lobo Founder and CEO of TRUE Diversity discussed its potential impact on children’s perspectives during challenging times.

Why “Mindfully Inclusive” Matters

In an increasingly globalized world, understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion is paramount. “Mindfully Inclusive” is not just a curriculum; it’s a tool for nurturing future generations with the values of empathy, resilience, and inclusivity.


The “Mindfully Inclusive” curriculum is now accessible for educators, institutions, and organizations dedicated to advancing social-emotional learning and fostering inclusive environments. For more details and purchasing options, visit Brave Space Consulting.

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