“Leaders aren’t born, they’re made.”

In two simple words, American football coach Vince Lombardi summarized the qualities that separate successful leaders from everyone else: hard work.

And experts agree. According to the Harvard Business Review, resilience, adaptability, and creativity are among the traits you should possess to become an effective leader.

As a keynote speaker, published author, and coach, Jake Thompson is familiar with these traits and leans on them to motivate clients. Thompson helps clients tap into these qualities, pushing them to reach their full potential. It’s Thompson’s job to challenge clients and mold them into better versions of themselves through internal development. This way, clients learn how to provide enhanced value to their organizations, compete against themselves, and understand their team members to solve problems. 

How did Thompson become a motivational speaker? By leveraging his own firsthand experiences to motivate and connect with clients. From giving up on his own dreams to starting over and building a 7-figure company from nothing, Thompson has impacted over 80,000 people, working with global brands like Titleist/FootJoy, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and Risk Strategies.

Thompson’s breakthroughs are a result of his signature CE³ Model. Deploying this model helps global organizations and association leaders translate tangible lessons into long-term results. Simply put, Thompson’s model creates an adaptable framework for every organization, leveraging customizable keynote programs and workshops to positively shift employee mindsets, implement leadership strategies, and teach employees how to lean into their organization’s competitive advantages.

Recognizing that most issues begin with poor training, Thompson is committed to helping organizations create a culture of success. This starts by recognizing the evolving mentality of the current and future workforce. With millennials and Gen Z employees overtaking the workforce in the next few years, executives must rethink their management training to create leadership styles younger generations will actually value. 

In order to lead millennials, you must be transformative, innovative, and employee-focused. You must also recognize their pain points. For 39% of millennials, this means understanding the role of poor leadership in causing burnout and workplace stress. Thompson directly confronts these issues, equipping diverse teams with the practical application tools required to address and overcome these challenges. 

Through his programs, Thompson shows employees how to improve focus to increase productivity, build a network of robust and meaningful relationships, create and maintain sustainable habits, and unlock their full potential by taking on a Me vs. Me approach to demonstrate how sometimes, a person can be the one holding themselves back from reaching success.

Traditionally, motivational speakers have been regarded as professionals who help others feel good about themselves. Thompson flips the script, providing teams with the energy required to shift mentalities and encouraging leaders to develop their skills and maintain control in any situation. In fact, Thompson tells his clients to “compete every day.” But this isn’t just a mantra—it’s the name of his company and the secret to his success. 

After working with Compete Every Day, CEOs, athletes, students, and leaders close the gaps between their current positions and their full potential. Compete Every Day’s CE³ Model equips clients with the skills and resources they need to develop the mental toughness required to fulfill daily improvements in their personal lives and measurable results in their professional work. 

As a hard worker and a lifelong learner who has overcome personal challenges, Thompson’s story is one of drive, consistency, and overcoming adversity. By relating to leaders across industries and organizations, Thompson has emerged as a leader for leaders, inspiring every team member to be better than they were the day before.