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Content Must-Knows

To maintain consistency and quality across our platform, we’ve laid out the following editorial guidelines. Please adhere to them when crafting your articles for submission.

  1. Original Content Only: Your submission must be original work and not previously published elsewhere, including on personal blogs or other news outlets.
  2. Content We Welcome: We look for articles that offer fresh perspectives on current events, deep dives into trending topics, and evergreen content that remains relevant over time.
  3. Word Count: Ideally, your article should be at least 600 words. However, shorter, concise articles of merit will also be considered. The sweet spot? Between 600 and 1200.
  4. Catchy Titles: Engage readers with compelling titles. They shouldn’t be too lengthy. Always use Title Case for them.
  5. Grammar Usage:
    • Refrain from using exclamation points (!), ellipses (…), slashes (/), and ampersands (&).
    • Common nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs should be in lowercase.
    • Remember, we are a news outlet, so maintain a professional tone.
  6. Links (Internal and External):
    • External: Include at least one reputable external link. Avoid excessive external linking and steer clear of promotional links.
    • Internal: Link internally when relevant – to both your articles and others’. At least one internal link is mandatory, but more is better.
  7. Conflicts of Interest: Self-promotion or blatant advertising is not allowed. Be objective in your writing.
  8. Categories & Tags: Restrict your article to one or two relevant categories. Tag appropriately, with a minimum of three tags and a maximum of five.
  9. Keywords: To optimize your article’s reach, incorporate your main keyword in the title, URL, meta description, and throughout the content.
  10. Headers: Articles with headers that break up content are preferable. Use title case for all headers.
  11. Paragraph Structure: To enhance readability, especially on mobile devices, keep paragraphs to two or three sentences.
  12. Featured Image: Opt for stock images, or photographs of people and teams. Ensure images are below 1000 pixels in width or height. Logos are not permitted.
  13. WordPress: We utilize WordPress for article publishing. If you encounter challenges or have queries, reach out to your editor.

Before submitting, proofread your articles using tools like Grammarly or Google Docs. This preemptive check significantly reduces editing time and ensures accuracy.

To that end, you are responsible for the factual accuracy of your content. While our editors will conduct checks, you must ensure the credibility and correct attribution of any material presented.

Our editors hold the discretion to:

  • Make necessary edits for grammar, spelling, syntax, and formatting.
  • Modify headlines, subheadings, and text for clarity and engagement.
  • Revise content for length, relevance, clarity, and style. Major edits will be communicated to you for review.

We may also remove any links leading to offensive or harmful content or links that seem commercially driven.

Editors retain the right to hold off on publishing content until all guidelines are met.

In case of errors or concerns post-publication, contact your editor.

For stylistic considerations not mentioned here, consult the AP-style cheat sheet as a general guideline. We appreciate your adherence to these standards, ensuring High Net Worth Magazine remains a trusted source for readers.