Founded by Jordan French in 2023, High Net Worth Magazine is a premier publication dedicated to the elite, offering insights into the lifestyle, innovations, and investment strategies of the affluent. Our publication provides an exclusive glimpse into luxury living, from high-end real estate and private travel to the latest in technology and finance, catering to a global audience of leaders, investors, and visionaries.

Our mission is to enrich our readers’ lives with content that not only showcases the epitome of success and luxury but also delivers strategies for wealth accumulation and insightful perspectives on managing affluence. We commit to presenting the highest standards of storytelling, insightful articles, and stunning visuals that explore the trends and opportunities shaping the luxury landscape worldwide.

High Net Worth Magazine stands as a beacon for those who seek to redefine the boundaries of achievement and influence. We aspire to connect a community of individuals who are not just successful but also passionate about making a meaningful impact, enjoying unparalleled experiences, and leaving a lasting legacy. Our publication is a celebration of the power of wealth, the pursuit of excellence, and the joys of a life well-lived.

Company Information

Inception Date: June 1, 2023
Headquarters: Apollo Beach, Florida
Founder: Jordan French